Look at Here... NYFW SS13

* Image 1 - Myself on Vogue Italia, 
  Image 2 - Tamara and I on Seventeen Magazine
  Image 3 - Byranboy and Myself

 New York Fashion Week has been a blast!!  So many things to update my blog with, I know it has been forever.  I  was occupied all summer with working at a slow dead end retail store and preparing for my move to New York city.  But I made it, with my girls Iris and Tamara.  Drama ensued of course with a demon that shall remain nameless, but the negativity is finally gone.  I came here to work and to make money, I do not have time to do anything else, except that.  I started off interning for an eCommerce website called, Zaden Row.  I did street blogging at NYFW!  While I was out, Vogue Italia thought I had great style and decided to take my picture and put it on their website.  I was honored!! Here is the link
 Then next my gyal Tamara and I got photographed for Seventeen Magazine for street style.  What another crazy honor that was. Ha, I remember reading seventeen when I was younger, never thought I'd be on the website one day! Crazy!  Here's the link
 I have also met so many amazing people already.  For example, Fashion Blogger Rumi Neely, Kyle Anderson; the Accessories Editor of Marie Claire, Fashion Writer Godfrey Deeny and Fashion Blogger Bryanboy. All of it has a whirl wind and I cannot wait for what is up next!!

Next post will include images of Rumi Neely and Kyle Anderson!!

Check out my tumblr www.nabzzion.tumblr.com for street style images of the best!!

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