Crystal White

This is Cara Delevingne, the face of Burberry in an editorial for Vogue Japan: December 2011. She is wearing designs by Louis Vuitton and Givenchy. It was shot by Solve Sundsbo. How wonderdul and magestic this editorial is. She reminds me of some magical bird like creature. Not an angel :) Stunning.

I want wings now.


I'll Take You There

*Most of these photos are showing the present of California aka the beautiful WEATHER!

I'm Goin' Goin' Back Back to Cali Cali. Soon enough in spring 2012, I will finally reach California. I do not think it is possible to do a 1-2 week stay in Cali. I know once I arrive, I will not want to leave. I am making arrangements to stay for a lot longer. We shall see. For now another post with wonderful pictures from all over California. I'll take you there.

P.S- Lookout for upcoming interviews with designers and artists! I wanted to update my blog with my Americano series, but it is still in the works! Some difficulties arised, but finally that's out of the way. Coming soon!



* All images snapped in the lovely USA ( California and Nevada to be exact )

You can say whatever the fuck you want. I love America! Of course Canada is my homeland, but America... it's where dreams happen! I'll live there one day. Get ready for my American series. It will feature a lovely subject, with one of my jewelry pieces showcasing American patriotism. It's gonna blow your mind.. get ready! Coming Soon!


Rob Goodwin | plaidmag.com

Rob Goodwin | plaidmag.com

Check out my interview for Plaid Magazine with UK Designer Rob Goodwin. I had a great pleasure interviewing the talented leather work designer. His work has been seen in London Fashion Week and British and Italian Vogue, just to name a few. Check the above link for the interview on the Plaid Magazine website. Enjoy!



TopShop Unique SS12 - Cleopatra Ancient Egpytian Inspired
London Fashion Week

Wolf Circus Jewelry

Kanye West SS 12- Paris Fashion Week

FYI Kanye used to be an intern for Louis Vuitton

Venice, California - Beautiful

NY Lifestyle - Best friend for life - Tamz <3

LF Lookbook

These lovely fashionable collections and pieces are so inspiring. Just came back from NY and it's time for me to get back into gear of doing things for myself. I've got two interviews done by me that are about to be dropped in Plaid Magazine. Jewelry collection in the works. One love!


Beaucoup Fashion

Beaucoup Fashion

Designer/Stylist/Hair - Isis L'espace

Makeup - Emily L'eyana Fung

Assistant - Ally

Photographer - Toni

Beaucoup Clothing is based in Toronto, where it is known to be the center of attention or as others say, "the life of the party". It is fashion forward, with a piece for everyone in the city. It has all different looks to choose from, like classics, street style, and high fashion. Hence why it is called Beaucoup, because in French that means A LOT. Beaucoup was started by 5 young fashion stars, which consist of Ebenezer Osei Afriyie, Godfrey Mensah, Tolu Ogundare, Winston Nyarko and Isis L'espace.

I worked with Isis on this shoot. She provided the wonderful designs and styling. Look out for our next collaboration, which will be fall/winter esque shoot! It's going to be top notch fashion. Watch out!


Rad Shit

We are animals as well. We should treat them with more respect.

Ridiculous real message, find your inner animal. Native inspired.

Tara Gill for the late Alexander McQueen campaign
FW 2009-10

Kate Moss for Calvin Klein 93

I love MOSS

Heroin Chic, Chyna White Baby.

Plaid Magazine Winter 2011 Cover
Newest Print/Online Writer for Plaid! Big UPZ to me!

Model/ Dj Bambi for Bianco Campaign 2011. Best fuckin' shoes.


Faux Fur Topshop Ad - Fuck real fur.

Spell & the Gypsy Collective

Best Native-Inspired Jewelry Campaign ever

American Spirit Cigarettes. I know I can get them in Canada, but they are way overpriced.
We will be reunited in NY very soon.

We all know we love sex and Bambi.
Bambi Sex + Fashion Campaign

Vice Magazine, Psychedelics. Lucy

Figure it out.

Bomb Accessories

Model/Blogger Signe and her Jeffrey Campbells.

I want these Proenza Schouler Pants. But nothing some old jeans

and some white paint can't do.

I love you Mary Jane. If you have an issue,

well get over it.

Zoey Kravitz for Wonderland smoking MJ.

Yes models smoke weed. Yup get over it.

Style Stalker 2011 Lookbook with Michael Jackson Impersonator.

Very fuckin' rad. I love MJ! *Hearts* RIP

Kyanit Stone

Vogue Italia Portal - Photographer Yinmind

Animal Loving.

The wonderful world of Frida Khalo Editorial - Vogue Mexico 2011



All of this is really RAD fuckin' shit. If you don't dig, you ain't rad. You feel me?