Shakuhachi Pre Fall 2011

Can you say Shakuhachi? The Pre-Fall 2011 collection is wonderful. The brand is based in Australia. I love the vibrant colours and the very daring clothes. The collection is filled with silk chiffon dresses, jumpsuits, slouchy and flowing designs. Doesn't it all just sparkle?!? I am definitely feeling all the sheer and satin. Best part of this collection? Hmm let's see, how about the silver sheer satin harem pant onsie..... AMAZING. Also the gold tipped boots.... enough said.


Alexander WANG FW 11

* Images of my favourite pieces in AW F/W 11 collection

Yes, I know... I have a lil obsession with Alexander Wang. But that's only because he makes amazing clothes and knows how to design clothes that fit the woman's physique, but can also slouch over her at the same time. His F/W collection debuted in February 12 in New York Fashion Week. So badly WISHED I could have been there. For fall and winter, it is back to black, but not completely. There are soft pale pinks and beiges included for fall and winter. The use of everyday fabrics, like fleece combined with fur, is a very interesting concept. Let's say Ashy meets classy. It's brilliant. I love the capes at the end of the jackets and the extra draped over silk fabric. Wang demonstrated that common fabrics and decadent fabrics, can still all together create luxury. His models make-up was less to none, but strong dark brows. That is all you need, because the clothes are so hybrid. "Less is more", Wang said about the whole runway collection experience. My favourite piece is the black sweater dress, with the cape. The music on the runway was amazing, experimental electronica, break beats, bass? Oh Yes. I think I hear Diplo. One day I will meet this man and model for him too. Yes, oh yes, OH YES. I love Alexander Wang.


Here are some new edits, that I received recently from a past editorial shoot. These edits look amazing! I love modeling, it is a beautiful art form and a great way of expressing yourself. I mainly focus on doing high fashion work, because it seems to be my niche ( or so people say), I have that "exotic look". The photographer was Feinte Photography, Makeup Artist was Vivienne Lee, and Hair was done by Cora Poon. The vision and idea was mainly one word, FIERCE. Another shoot in the works with Feinte, high fashion of course :). I cannot wait. ENJOY

contact info: nebe47@hotmail.com


Goin' Back To Cali

* Rumi Neely is featured in this blog plost
* All pictures are all over this beautiful state called California in 2010 and early 2011. In order from 1 - 12
* sorry but could not edit out the foul language, we are talking about muthafuckin' California now, aren't we?
1) Rumi is wearing gray fringe shirt from ebay, Steve Jeans - bell bottoms (I personally really enjoy these pants), UO leopard scarf, ray-ban shades and Balenciaga bag. This picture is my favourite, I love the background with the palm trees, it has such a retro feel. Can we say 1970s?
* Snapped in San Diego

2) Shakuhachi black romper, with big sleeves and tiny shorts in a deserted Palm Springs. I want this romper badly. The brand is based in Australia. I love the fact that it is an over sized romper, and not a tight knit one. Oh yeah and I love natural backgrounds, so the mountains are wicked. Again, retro feel. Let's take it back! This picture was taken in Feb 2011, the warmth of Cali kills me. Must go now.

3) Venice Beach, California - Canal
4a + b) I love Open Back, so this picture had to be featured for style. The open back black Top Shop one piece is perfect for those warm California days. It just goes to show, you do not need a dress to sport the low back. The boots are Sam Edelman Falken and a Balenciagia bag.
5) Philip Lim jacket ( worn and washed brown back, but black front), knit shorts from Japan and Top Shop boots. Yup, I could fo sho live here.
*Snapped in Palm Springs desert.
6) Absolutely love this outfit. It is so easy and effortless. Rumi is wearing vintage open knit fringe dress, on top of vintage silk slip dress. I LOVE feathers and plan to have my first jewelry line inspired by Native American jewelry and feathers (inspiration from California as well ). So, her Forever 21 necklace is one of my favs. Who knew it was Forever 21.... I didn't.
7a + b) White Lace Back from Stylestalker and J Brand jeans. The boots are Sam Edelman Falken and F21 headband ( native inspired :)! ). I love the boots, they are so military inspired.
*Snapped in Irvine, California.

8) Deserted Motel in Santa Monica, California. Even the most desolate things look so beautiful, only in California.
9) Summa Nights. See in Toronto, we do have warm summa nights, but after a certain time, the sweater will need to come out. HA, not in Cali. Rumi is roadside in Palm Springs wearing, BCBG dress, Sam Edelman Falken boots, vintage necklace and holding a dream catcher. Ah dream catchers, those were the days. Again Native inspired, I cannot wait to make my Native inspired line. I remember the dream catcher I hung over my light, what colourful days.....
10) Flow like a Butterfly in San Diego. I saw this picture and instantly fell in love with this dress. For those who know me, know that long dresses are not really my thing, but this one just speaks and flows. The dress is from a Japan label; Mercury Duo, Karen Walker shades, Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent wedges :D , and Alexander Wang bag.
*Snapped in San Diego
11 + 12) Venice Beach Canal, and Sunset on Californian Beach
Everyone loves the sunshine state. This post is dedicated to the one and only California. Summer 2011, I will be walking the streets, hopefully living the California life and selling my jewelry. I'll be GOIN BACK TO CALI, as BIGGIE says, "strictly for the weatha, women and the weed - sticky green ;)... ..If I got to choose a coast, I got to choose the East, I live out there so don't go there. But that don't mean a nigga can't rest in the west, see some nice breasts in the west, smoke some nice sess in the west, y'all niggaz is a mess thinkin' I'm gonna stop, givin' LA props".
Ha, see everyone loves Cali and what better way to have pictures of fashion blogger Rumi Neely; all over California, rockin' her style. This California Native looks great in the sunshine state. You always here the stories of people and their trips to California, I cannot wait. My jewelry will have the spirit of this state, so what better place to start selling it and make a name for it. Must get there now. I love warm weather in winter months and fashionable people all around. I love the canals and the beaches and the fact that smokes in Cali are $4 a pack. The state is filled with the raw , the real and the pretty. I want to see the good and the bad of Cali. I love my rap music, as you can tell, so Compton is a place on my list to visit. You always got to go to the birth place of the West Side Rap music. I cannot wait to spend nights in the desert, walk and drive the retro streets. PALM TREES. Fuck it, one way ticket now to the best state on Earth ( tied with New York, of course :D ). I am selling my beloved Louis Vuitton bag. Meh, whatever it takes, I'm goin' back to CALI.


Blow Your Head

Oh yes, this did BLOW my head. Fashion and music collide with The Spring 2011 T collection, by Alexander Wang ad campaign, that features electronic DJ and producer, Diplo. I love Diplo's music and I love Alexander Wang, so it was pleasant looking at these images earlier today. It's good to know excellent designers like Wang, know and respect artists; like Diplo. Smiles all around :). The campaign looks wicked and can't forget about model Ashley Smith, who is BLOWing up everywhere. BLOW your head, this ad campaign is MAD DECENT.


Wang Anyone???!??!

Alexander Wang's Spring 2011 RTW collection is in stores now! It is absolutely amazing and I want it all! It was debuted in New York fashion Week in September in 2010, with no black at all. The collection was inspired by his current renovations at the time, which include a new floor in his office, apartment renovations and a retail location. So of course this collection had pieces inspired from workers boots, painter's overalls; a very well route construction theme. The colour palette is perfect for spring, with mainly whites, beiges, and creams. The first in-house print was shown in this collection. Wang never ceases to amaze and I look forward to his Pre-Fall 2011 collection in New York Fashion Week very soon! Don't worry if you miss the black, it will be back for fall.

Check out the rest of the collection at http://www.alexanderwang.com/