Alexander WANG FW 11

* Images of my favourite pieces in AW F/W 11 collection

Yes, I know... I have a lil obsession with Alexander Wang. But that's only because he makes amazing clothes and knows how to design clothes that fit the woman's physique, but can also slouch over her at the same time. His F/W collection debuted in February 12 in New York Fashion Week. So badly WISHED I could have been there. For fall and winter, it is back to black, but not completely. There are soft pale pinks and beiges included for fall and winter. The use of everyday fabrics, like fleece combined with fur, is a very interesting concept. Let's say Ashy meets classy. It's brilliant. I love the capes at the end of the jackets and the extra draped over silk fabric. Wang demonstrated that common fabrics and decadent fabrics, can still all together create luxury. His models make-up was less to none, but strong dark brows. That is all you need, because the clothes are so hybrid. "Less is more", Wang said about the whole runway collection experience. My favourite piece is the black sweater dress, with the cape. The music on the runway was amazing, experimental electronica, break beats, bass? Oh Yes. I think I hear Diplo. One day I will meet this man and model for him too. Yes, oh yes, OH YES. I love Alexander Wang.

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