Life's a Blur

* I am wearing a vintage black + white vertical stripe blouse from a friend, Aldo Wooden leather wedges, and AA coral high waist size zipper shorts (blah) hahaha my friends understand

This day was beautiful out. It was just before the end of March, with my friend outside our college. We were being good students working hard in the library on assignments. Then we decided to venture outside around 8pm, to find out still how hot it was outside. No Jackets needed. March 2012 was such a weird month, the weather was just the start of it.

Fuck doing work. We indulged and life was a Blur after that.

Lets Pretend It's Warm

* I am wearing red shirt with yellow triangle embroidery from a Japanese inspired fashion store ( only $10), Aviators <3, leather vintage black low cowboy boots, royal blue peach skin headband AA, and MJ inspired gold zipper jack from Forever 21 ( best jacket ever)

Fashion school students pretending it's warm outside for a little style pic session. Well it wasn't super cold, but there was A LOT of wind. So it definitely felt like it. Our day consumed of walking around downtown east and scoping out the new vintage shops. My friend Aleya and I both got new wicked accessories. I cannot wait for the shopping in California!! I am leaving in 9 days. ~WARMTH~. It is so surreal, everything is going to change.


Basch and LOVAS FW 12

*Images of models taken by Steve Alkok

Here is finally a new post! Haven't had much time lately with school and work, but were back again and I want to be posting a lot more so here goes!

For one of my classes, we got the chance to work back stage at three fashion shows. The first two shows were by Basch and the third was by LOVAS- designer Wesley Badanjak. My class and I got to the venue at 3pm and put our fashion knowledge to work. I prepped clothes for the runway, taped some shoes, and made sure things were in order. But the most exciting part was dressing and styling the models. Now having modeled before, it was quite the change being on the other side. Goddamn models are such divas! Am I a diva hahah? Hope not. I fully dressed the model in image one by LOVAS, accessories for image 2 by LOVAS, helped with the dress for image 3 by BASCH and I fully dressed model for last image by Basch. LOVAS and Basch were both fall/winter collections for 2012. It was all connected to Toronto Fashion Week. Overall the experience was very insightful.