Pink Hair....Don't Care

*Styled by Ayesha, Hair by Blake A, Makeup by Jeanne

 Here is a sneak peak into the 5-look editorial shoot behind the Queen St West alley ways!  It was such a fun day filled with spitting rain, on and off sun, and coloured hair.  I got the chance to work with a male model, twas my first time haha. By the end of the shoot I was dunzo.  With one grilled cheese sandwiche to keep me going from 7am, the shoot ended at 5:30 pm.  Thank god for water and juice.........

All in all it was a really fun day! Can't wait for the end result!


*styled by ISIS L'ESPACE

 Here are some promo shots for designer-stylist ISIS L'ESPACE!  These wonderful clutches are to die for!  One for every kind of lady, but only true fashionistas can appreciate her work!  I am modeling the Colour Block Orange Clutch, the Python Clutch, the lovely and vivid Comic Clutches (colour and black and white) and the Colour Block Yellow Clutch.  You can purchase from the designer herself or online from http://isisouterspace.bigcartel.com/ .  You will find me on the website as well!
Toodles :D


The Comic Clutch

 Here is the Comic Clutch by Designer Stylist Isis L'espace