Look at Here... NYFW SS13

* Image 1 - Myself on Vogue Italia, 
  Image 2 - Tamara and I on Seventeen Magazine
  Image 3 - Byranboy and Myself

 New York Fashion Week has been a blast!!  So many things to update my blog with, I know it has been forever.  I  was occupied all summer with working at a slow dead end retail store and preparing for my move to New York city.  But I made it, with my girls Iris and Tamara.  Drama ensued of course with a demon that shall remain nameless, but the negativity is finally gone.  I came here to work and to make money, I do not have time to do anything else, except that.  I started off interning for an eCommerce website called, Zaden Row.  I did street blogging at NYFW!  While I was out, Vogue Italia thought I had great style and decided to take my picture and put it on their website.  I was honored!! Here is the link
 Then next my gyal Tamara and I got photographed for Seventeen Magazine for street style.  What another crazy honor that was. Ha, I remember reading seventeen when I was younger, never thought I'd be on the website one day! Crazy!  Here's the link
 I have also met so many amazing people already.  For example, Fashion Blogger Rumi Neely, Kyle Anderson; the Accessories Editor of Marie Claire, Fashion Writer Godfrey Deeny and Fashion Blogger Bryanboy. All of it has a whirl wind and I cannot wait for what is up next!!

Next post will include images of Rumi Neely and Kyle Anderson!!

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Oscar de la Renta Spring 2013 RTW

*All images from www.style.com

  So which one are you today? America's leading lady? America's socialite? America's Hollywood Woman? America's working lady? Or are you America's glitz and glamor?  Well Oscar did it all in this Spring 2013 ready to wear collection.  The collection is filled with some of the most beautiful lace work I have ever seen to date.  The re-embroidery of the lace ribbon to the dresses and skirts, gave the pieces a modern feel.  It was as if it was graffiti, or an artist's canvas.  The ball gowns are nothing but short of impressive.  My two favorite pieces would have to be one, the shimmering bead tunic and pants.  What a statement! And second would be the ostrich feather peplum bustier and shorts.  What a wonder that outfit is.  I'm a vegetarian, but honestly that outfit is something I need in my wardrobe.... Whoops.

  Oscar de la Renta is the definition of sophistication in America.  He has blessed the design world for decades and will continue to do so.  Who would America have to them to keep it classy?  Obviously Oscar.

3.1 Phillip Lim Spring 2013 RTW

* All Images from www.style.com

   Let's see where this collection took me.  Instantly the first thing I thought of was mix 'n' match.  It was a quite nostalgic collection from the 90s, with plaids and floral patterns together and ripped jeans.  Phillip even named the shoes after Shirley and Courtney.  But it still had a modern twist to it as well.  The collection was inspired by a "Cut-Up" technique, which means to cut up texts and put them back together in a different order.  The technique was made famous by Williams S Burroughs, but originated from the Dadaists.  If we take it back to musicians like, Davie Bowie and Kurt Cobain, they were ones to use this techniques in fashion.  As you can see throughout the whole 3.1 Phillip Lim collection, it was evident that see-through layering is what needs to be for Spring 2013.  My favorite image from the collection was image two.  I am digging the see-through plaid!  Let's see if women jump on the risky trend.  Ain't nothing wrong with a see-through mix 'n' match piece!

Alexander Wang Spring/Summer 2013 RTW

* All images from www.style.com

  Here we are, New York Fashion Week Spring/ Summer 2013 collections.  I was blessed this year to actually be apart of NYFW and all the hype.  As you know, coming from  Toronto, Ontario, Canada and to see it all first hand. None other than the ridiculously amazing Alexander Wang.  I am a die hard Wang fan and each collection just gets better and better.  Mr Wang said, "I wanted to pull garments apart and experiment with volume".  The pieces were cutouts, that were right angles and were held by an invisible fish line embroidery.  The strong emphasis that is now added to a simple t-shirt dress or sports jacket.  It is all about re-construction of the pieces, that make them flow so effortless on the models.  Even though the colors are the typical black, white, beige and silver, the finale seemed to prove otherwise.  The amazon models came out in their dresses; as the lights dimmed it proved to be that the pieces were in fact glow in the dark!  If Alexander Wang isn't New York's futuristic designer, I don't know who is.