3.1 Phillip Lim Spring 2013 RTW

* All Images from www.style.com

   Let's see where this collection took me.  Instantly the first thing I thought of was mix 'n' match.  It was a quite nostalgic collection from the 90s, with plaids and floral patterns together and ripped jeans.  Phillip even named the shoes after Shirley and Courtney.  But it still had a modern twist to it as well.  The collection was inspired by a "Cut-Up" technique, which means to cut up texts and put them back together in a different order.  The technique was made famous by Williams S Burroughs, but originated from the Dadaists.  If we take it back to musicians like, Davie Bowie and Kurt Cobain, they were ones to use this techniques in fashion.  As you can see throughout the whole 3.1 Phillip Lim collection, it was evident that see-through layering is what needs to be for Spring 2013.  My favorite image from the collection was image two.  I am digging the see-through plaid!  Let's see if women jump on the risky trend.  Ain't nothing wrong with a see-through mix 'n' match piece!

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