Some Fun in Williamsburg

I am wearing:
*Obey Propaganda Hat
* Chiffon American Apparel shirt altered by moi
* Aztec Skirt from Los Angeles Boutique
*Aldo Wooden Wedges

Some fun in Williamsburg with my BFF Tamara!  We were on our way to take some photos and interview people for Zaden Rowe; for Williamsburg Fashion Week, a more eclectic take on fashion.  We stopped in front of this light pole thing to take some pics haha.  All I remember is ending up at some weak ass rave in the night, but we had fun none the less. Tamara's pants are amazing!! I love bell bottoms and the flare is so back in style, but only the really talented mothafuckas can pull it off and where it in an outfit that works! She looked straight out of the 70s! And there is always a funny story about how we acquire our beautiful wonderful clothing ;)

Joey Showroom

Image 1- Maggie Ward SS13
Image 2- Maggie Ward SS13
Image 3- Nicole Romano Jewelry
Image 4 -  Merchandising Maggie Ward collection by moi 

 I have not posted on my blog in a while. Life has been pretty hectic. Very busy life at the showroom, it consumes my time and my energy.  Been dealing with a lot of bullshit from the earlier months, but finally its over. Haha or so I hope lol.... But anyways, here are some pictures from the BEAUTIFUL showroom that I intern at!  Joey Showroom is owned by the wonderful Joseph Guintoli.  It is a multi designer showroom, with collections and designers from all over the world. We are talking about world renown talent here, talented people who have worked with Prada and an owner of Levis Clothing.  The collections in the showroom are, Camilla, House of Harlow, Nicole Romano, Laruicci, Piper Gore, Maggie Ward, Calvin Rucker, Black Halo, Renzo + Kai, Suboo and Mara and Mine.

  I wish I was rich, because I want to be able to buy everything in the showroom! The perks about being an intern are, we get to purchase pieces at the WHOLESALE PRICE, YAY!!! I also realized I rather pay more money for beautiful quality clothing, than something cheap.  Design is a goddamn art and why not pay for something that you truly want! I rather be original and have quality expensive pieces in my wardrobe. I want something that will last forever.