Crystal White

This is Cara Delevingne, the face of Burberry in an editorial for Vogue Japan: December 2011. She is wearing designs by Louis Vuitton and Givenchy. It was shot by Solve Sundsbo. How wonderdul and magestic this editorial is. She reminds me of some magical bird like creature. Not an angel :) Stunning.

I want wings now.


I'll Take You There

*Most of these photos are showing the present of California aka the beautiful WEATHER!

I'm Goin' Goin' Back Back to Cali Cali. Soon enough in spring 2012, I will finally reach California. I do not think it is possible to do a 1-2 week stay in Cali. I know once I arrive, I will not want to leave. I am making arrangements to stay for a lot longer. We shall see. For now another post with wonderful pictures from all over California. I'll take you there.

P.S- Lookout for upcoming interviews with designers and artists! I wanted to update my blog with my Americano series, but it is still in the works! Some difficulties arised, but finally that's out of the way. Coming soon!