Stylementor N Orange Style

1) Stylementor dotted Chiffon Blouse and shorts - Please take in the cut of these shorts, so different than any North American pair, so aka bomb shorts. I love that the shorts are pleated, gives it more flair.

2) Stylementor Oversized Top and Drawstring waist-pants - I saw this outfit and had to put it on my blog! The droopiness of the sweater and the way it hangs is wicked. Not sure if I can say I have seen a top like this, the slant cut at the bottom gives it edge. Designing at its best. I also can't get enough of these pants, my type of pants.

3) Orange Style Drawstring-waist zip jacket - Lime Green Jacket. Mmm yes. Nicest jacket I've seen in a while still.

4) Orange Style Double-breasted frilled blouse and layered hem-shorts - This outfit is just killer. KILLAA. There is nothing left to say.

Stylementor and Orange Style are both South Korean brands. Stylementor is designed by Won Sung Hee. The clothes are fit for the modern woman, and are urban and different. Orange Style is a more sophisticated brand, but still has its spunk. I am definitely into underground brands and designers. Look at the clothes, they are amazing! It's so hard to find clothes I like, but I'm feeling every single last piece here. Only cause they're from Asia. Always 10 steps ahead in colours, cuts, designs and fashion. South Korea let's go.

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