Death to Boring Fashion In Toronto

So the phrase, Death to Boring Fashion In Toronto, is coined by Fortune Jones, the visionary and idealist behind this shoot. It means what it states, Toronto's fashion scene is DEAD. Okay that is a little harsh, but I have to agree with her, it's pretty fucking dead. Unfortunately, the city of Toronto is a fashion vacuum, we suck up everybody's style and fashion. And that is why Jones came up with concept of, Death to Boring Fashion In Toronto. But all is not lost, this shoot and the concept proved that the ideas that people have are not dead. Fashion can be made and come from anywhere, but at the end of the day is our city's fashion scene dead and can it be saved?

Jones started out with her PR creative directing company, Fashion Forward in August 2009. Fashion Forward is about the exposure of Toronto fashion as a whole. To bring the exposure of new designers, new talent, new ideas and bringing about more exciting things in Toronto Fashion. Jones found herself and discovered her creativity to become apart of the world of fashion. "I was always pulling pieces together and always thinking of fashion ideas".

The shoot's main message is clear, if you can't seem to decipher it, after all this, scroll back up and read the banner again, Death to Boring Fashion In Toronto aka Toronto's fashion scene is, let's spell it out D....E....A...D. The shoot has a very strong message and statement. It was shot by Dipesh, in the Dundas West studio locations. A very raw and abandoned location which all ties into the message. Jones said, "We don't want to see the same tight knit skirts, all boring fashion needs to end now. We want nasty shit on the runway". She is damn right. In Toronto, it is the same designers in fashion week every season, with the same shit. The models in this shoot were in clothes made out of garbage bags. It really goes to show you can make ANYTHING into fashion. It also bring a strong message that Toronto's fashion scene, instead of fabrics, it needs clothes made out of garbage bags to floss. The designer, named Cynthia Kio, made these wonderful dresses out of garbage. EMUA Fashions is her brand, her style is mainly very afro-centric designs and pieces. Jones approached Kio to be apart of this project and Kio began to work. Her inspiration for the garbage bag designs was her mood, the concept behind the shoot and the season. She began designing at a very young age.

Now what is left? And what will be the critical response of this shoot. The reason (?) why these unique designs were made was to bring about more life to Toronto's fashion scene. Instead of our city being a carbon copy. Lets ask questions like, Does Toronto have its own fashion identity? NO. I would have to say no. We have a lot of other fashion influences from other places, like The United States and Europe. Toronto as a whole right now cannot survive without any other fashion influences. That doesn't mean we do not have any talent. Joe Fresh is doing very well and Amanda Lew Kee is putting us back on the map, by branching over to NYC Fashion Week. Also, Holt Renefrew has amazing Canadian talent featured there. But there is the problem again, I can only name a few. There are so many things to take into account as to why our fashion scene is dead. For example, Vanessa, the stylist for this shoot, brought up a great point. In Milan, the government funds the designers and the runway shows and all the talent equaling to a booming fashion scene. Our government does not. It is very expensive for designers to bring about their collections. There needs to be a shift on how people and our government view fashion in this country. Don't get me wrong, Toronto is a great city, but this shoot makes you think, Are we dead? And what can we do to change that?

I think this shoot will do that. I was so glad to be apart of this shoot and put my thoughts together to make this post. Everything is so unique, from the designs, to the concept. Thank you Fortune for your visions and your ideas and bringing about new talent and new designers and the ideas to life as well. I would definitely buy those garbage bag dresses, the models look amazing and the vision really came across. After this shoot, I'd have to say, Death to Boring Fashion in Toronto is no more!

Fortune Jones - Ideas/Concept of Death to Boring Fashion in Toronto
Dipesh - Photographer
Cynthia Kio - Designer
Vanessa - Stylist
Makeup -Moshev
Hair- Linda
Models - Tamara B, Shaka B, Andrew M
Fashion Blogger - Nabenah J ;)

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