New York

* Pictures taken all over New York City in October 2011

Image 1 - Green stretch knee pant by South Korean Designer Ora Ora, Vest by Lovely Day found in Brooklyn vintage store

Image 3 - Birthday treat to myself, beautiful new shoes!!

Image 7 - USA Topshop Peace Dead Tree dress

Image 22 - AA Oversized Chiffon Shirt, thrifted high waist neon blue shorts

These are some pictures from my trip in New York, back in October. I was there for my 21st birthday and I had a blast going all over New York. From Coney Island, to Williamsburg, to Flatbush, to Greenwich Village, to Soho, to everywhere and more. It is one of my favourite places to go and I never get tired of those Brookyn streets. I miss the food and wicked vintage finds. There's no place like it.

I had a fun with you girls, always werking it. Let's go!

See you soon America.

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