ODE COUTURE Fashion Editorial for V Magazine - The Asian Issue Summer 2011

''Staggering in detail yet light as air, SPRING HAUTE COUTURE is a testament to the craft and imagination of seven iconic FRENCH ATELIERS and their RESPECTIVE PETITE MAINS. The FUTURE OF COUTURE is written in Sequins and Chantilly lace"

Photography Nick Knight
Styling Jonathan Kaye
Model Ming
*All Info taken from V Magazine - The Asian Issue Summer 2011*

Image 1 - Model Ming wears degrade tulle dress with quilted applique motifs in silk chiffon, satin, georgette, with embroidery of ostrich feathers (ew) at hem. Beautiful dress, but real bird feathers, not really needed, but that's high fashion for you. It is a Givenchy Haute Couture dress by Riccardo Tisci.

Image 2+3 - LOVE the nude chamois sandals with gold chains, you can't really see them, but TRUST. She is wearing a rhodoid/lace butterfly choker, too bad I am not big on butterflies, or else I would love that choker. Something about a fake bug hanging off your neck, no matter how pretty it can look, still very creepy [ least favourite accessory sorry v mag :) ] But back to positive vibes, the wonderful dress that is floral silk chiffon with point d' espirit and Chantilly lace and is one shouldered. Floral anything is pretty amazing, so it makes sense to have the butterfly. It is Valentino Haute Couture.

Image 4 - This model is one lucky bitch, cause this dress is fucking unbelievably. Kudos to Dior Haute Couture for degrade tulle dress, with embroidery of off white and yellow. So big and amazing, JEALOUS!

Image 5+6 - Absolutely crazing design skills from Atelier Versace. This dress blows me away, it was embroidered with fine fishnets in 4 different colours/ shades, which are dark/light gold, silver and charcoal. It is an evening gown that is transparent silk. Favourite dress in the editorial, because it is fucking ridiculous.

Image 7 - Not my favourite dress, but it is my favourite shot! I love the empress heavenly look it gives, as if she is queen of the clouds. ( Can't believe I used the word heavenly, womp ). Another silk chiffon dress embroidered with flowers of feathers with gold pearls and sequins all over, with pink and turquoise embroidery at the top. Comes with a matching sleeves and train. Chanel Haute Couture of course ;)

Image 8+9 - You cannot really see the gown, but the name of it is "La Mariee", pardon my bad use of making French words look english. It is a strapless gown with ruffled chiffon stripes over tulle. The dress is Gaultier Paris.

Image 10+11 - The last 2 images, are quite something. Love image # 10, the photographer did a swell job and the assistants need a pat on the back as well! The dress is Giorgio Armani Prive, and is bustier dress in navy silk cady with asymmetrical gray bodice, that has an in mirror-effect silk organza!

So I receive V magazine in the mail, every couple months, thanks to a lovely friend of mine, who got me a subscription! If it wasn't for you gyal, I would not be doing this post :), you know who you are <3 ! This of course, was my favourite editorial in this issue. This issue is dedicated to Asians, it is therefore called the Asian Issue. LOVE IT, haha I have a thing for Asians, love their design techniques and their clothes and their models. So of course, this issue made me smile a lil extra, haha. It was nice to see, I am tired of seeing white models, who do not even have an unique look, covering all the pages of v magazines, it is time to change it up. Keep the ethnic models coming, all day long. The only disappointment about this issue, was that lady gaga was on the cover, it was the Asian Issue after all, you couldn't put one of the Asian supermodels on the cover. Gaga has graced the V magazine cover, one too many times. She is a product and an act of the corporate music world. Get off fashion covers. Ugh I could go on for hours about how disappointed I was to see her face, yet again on another V magazine cover. Anyways, if you have this issue, read her little note, she does say somethings about art and the connection to high fashion, but nonetheless, I already knew that and she just bothers me. It is a great issue, minus the cover holder! This editorial obviously speaks volumes and is clearly inspired by French Art from the 1800s and backward! That is Couture! Oh yeah and the model looks stunning. YAY

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