Tabula Rasa SS11 Editorial

Here is three pictures from the Tabula Rasa SS11 Editorial. Tabula Rasa means a clean slate, a new beginning and a young mind that is not affected by life experiences and impressions. As said by the owner, Jennifer Park, the fairly new store that has been situated at Broadview and Danforth for about just a new year now. The store carries new fashion from upcoming designers, but carries exceptional vintage clothing. The owner alters some of the clothes as well. I got exposed to this wonderful boutique about a year ago from my fashion frenzy friend Jasmine. She works there :)

As the weather gets warm the editorials come out and the clothes get nicer! I am feeling this collection so badly, I need those orange high-waisted shorts in my wardrobe, right now. This spring and summer is clearly gonna be filled with a lot of colour and just spaz, if that makes any sense. The dress in picture 2 is a must-have with all the range of colours and I love heart shaped dresses <3. The editorial is so dope, I know where all those locations are.. crazy. I need to move out of this area, it is too much deja vu. Soon enough, but I will miss the suckers candy, that the model is standing in front of ;). This editorial is Candy colour fashion.

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